Blog by someone else

Last blog, 16th of May 2020… That’s been a while so time for a new blog. A lot happened this year, for example COVID. Wauw, the world stood sort of still for over a year. Today Fran d’Or received good news since a year; Malta is opening again for tourist from June. Per tomorrow they allow Dutch and German tourist without tests and quarantine. Does this mean the world will open up again? Does this mean the B&B will be full of guests again this summer and hopefully the rest of the year?

I’ve been here for a week. Last seven days I’ve had the best time and even better…. there are 4 days left on this beautiful island. The stay at Fran d’Or has felt like coming home. The spacious house with lots of art, privacy and a beautiful garden with an amazing view. I did lovely walks, visited terraces, ate amazing food and enjoyed the sun at the swimmingpool. I’ve visited the B&B in Zebbug six times, this is my second time in the B&B in Ghasri but this house feels like i’ve been here more than once.

Why have I been here this much…. Who am I?

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