A Cellist on Fran D’or

In our B&B we can receive people from all over the world. From Brazil to Finland, from Ukraine to Israel. This is one of the parts that we like so much! Every guest brings something from himself and from his country.

In the last few days we have housed a cellist from Switzerland. Her question to us was whether she could play the cello. Of course, please! So we, sitting by the pool, heard beautiful cello sounds coming from the Yellow Room. Enjoy for us! And not just once a day, but several times. Our guest will give a concert on Thursday with piano and violin. This “Accio” piano forte trio has been invited to perform at the “Arts Festival Gozo”. The Arts Festival is one of the two free 5-week festivals in Gozo. The other festival is the “Gaulitana” which took place earlier in the year.

Anne told us the following: At first, Anne learned to play the piano because her parents saw it as a good basis. Her grandmother had a cello and she became so enthusiastic that she started taking cello lessons at the age of 8. Anne turned out to be very talented and is still studying in Stuttgart. At the “Baden Würtenberg Foundation” she was allowed to play and she did so well that she was entitled to a cello from this foundation. She could choose from 4 cellos. 2 from Italy and 2 from France. After playing on all 4, she chose a cello from France from the 17th century! A beautiful instrument with a beautiful sound.

Anne said she was very lucky to have chosen Fran D’or. She thought the photos of the B & B look nice, but that there was such a great atmosphere with all the instruments and artworks, she hadn’t dared hope. The personal approach and contact and the fact that she was free to play and relax also made her very enthusiastic.

Of course we will go to her concert on Thursday a.s.

The concert was great. They were enthusiastic young musicians. Anne’s playing the cello was “magic”!

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