Gozo on 0-1-2-3-4-6- multi Wheels!

There are more and more ways to discover Gozo! When we came here three and a half years ago you mainly saw tourists on scooters and in cars. Easy to recognize because the number plates of a rental car or scooter have QZ or K at the end of the letters. Also easy to recognize because they don’t know the way and stand still to look at the map or listen to their GPS. Tourists also adhere to the traffic rules and drive slowly and you don’t see the Gozitans doing that!

Of course there have always been walkers (no wheels). Gozo is an ideal island for walking. There are many routes that are issued for free by the tourist offices. They lie with the information for our guests. There has also been a group of volunteers who have made a route of narrow paths, over rocks and through bushes, as much as possible along the coast and around the entire island. They have marked the route with large red dots on rocks and stones. If you like scrambling and excitement, this route is recommended!

Last year the Segways arrived. (two wheels) Under guidance you drive a route over the island in a group. This year they do the same with electric bicycles! Of course you can also rent bicycles and electric bicycles and you can hit the road yourself.

This year the tricycles have arrived! Tuktuks with driver driving you around. Looks nice but if it is comfortable?

There is a lot on offer on four wheels! Cars of course but also electric skateboards (you have to buy them yourself) and quads. With the quad you can cross the island independently or also under supervision. Just like with the Jeepies. This week we encountered four groups of quad bikes. The faces of the quad riders did not always look relaxed!

And then the six-wheeler; the bus! Excellent and inexpensive regional transport that takes you all over the island and the Hop on Hop off bus, as known everywhere in the world. The red or green double-decker buses whose roof is open.

And as the one with the most wheels; the train! The white train, not on rails, has several carriages and you also drive over the island while enjoying a cheerful music. Well, pleasure?

And it is still not possible to see everything on this small island in a few days!

Gozo on wheels!

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