Hello I am Karel!

I’m a young man. Last year I was with people who liked me and took good care of me. Well they gave me food but I always had to sleep outside. Even when it was cold. I’m a talking cat. Because I think when I talk to people they love me. But I have discovered that people don’t always like that. Then I start to bother them. I even got a kick because they thought I was too difficult.

When I was six months old the people were very nice to me, they gave me extra good food. I enjoyed that, when the food was almost finished they put me in a cage! I didn’t get it! I had to stay in that cage all night. When it became light again, the people came to me. I thought I could leave the cage! But that was not the case. They put me in that thing that makes a lot of noise and can go really fast. I thought it was very scary, but it got much scarier! I came to a lady, who took me out of the cage and gave me a shot. Then I just fell asleep. When I woke up, my butt was very sore and I was in that cage again! Much later the people picked me up again and we went back into that thing that goes so fast. Fortunately I was allowed out of the cage afterwards.

It went well for a long time. One day people put all their stuff in a much larger thing that can also go fast and they drove away.

And then I was alone. Nobody came to bring me food anymore. Of course I went looking for food. But you know, birds fly and when I get closer, they fly away. And mice can also run very fast. So I got really hungry. Fortunately, more people live in the area. So I visit the people. But here most people don’t like cats at all! They chase me away and spray with water. Then I came to a house where I saw two cats inside, a black / white and a red one. At least these people loved cats! And yes they gave me food! Of course I like that very much! I want to stay with these people and they like that. But I have to stay outside. At the front of the house they also have a cat that they feed Two cats inside is enough. But I’m already very happy with this!

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