Laughter with Melita.

Melita one of the internet and phone providers in Malta is improving their service! Very nice right? In Malta there are only two internet providers who, also offer television and telephone. They also have various options for the mobile phone. If there are only two players in the market, the competition is big. If one of them offers a new service, the other will do the same.

During the three years that we used their service, it never went without a struggle; we did not receive any e-mail from them with the bill, account forms were “gone”. Because we moved, they wanted a signature from us to change the account to a different name. It was not the first time that we tried to arrange this, our former landlord had also been a number of times to the shop…………. “to wash this pig” …………..a famous Dutch saying.

We entered the empty store where three ladies sit at their desk. “Do you want to draw a ticket first?” And the lady from the first desk points to the new numbering device. So we went to the device…… we answered the first question with “yes” and got 4 new options. We choosed an option and 4 new options appeared. The next option chosen and then we must enter our ID number. The screen jumps halfway through the input! So we have to do the whole process again. Puff …. After a few minutes we may then press the “take your ticket” button. Finally! We took the ticket number C 420 from the machine with difficulty and directly the lady from the first desk says: “Can I help you?”. We laughed uncontrollably. It looked like Kafka.

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