A spring storm over Gozo

Enjoying reading a book in the sun on a lounger in the sun, sunscreme on your nose and forehead, turning and turning and be careful not to burn! Put new plants in the pots, sweep the terraces, hoe the garden, rinse the windows and wash the car. People it is spring! Finally after a long wet winter we enjoy the sun! That was at the beginning of this week.

Two days ago the wind turned slowly southward to the east and the next day to the northeast. The wonderful days without wind were over. But the sun was still there and it was wonderful from the wind! But then the clouds came and the lovely sun disappeared behind them.

On Friday the palm trees started to rustle more, now they do that quickly, but they made more noise. The branches of the olive trees moved as if there were 10 birds on one branch and on Saturday there were already 20 birds on one branch and there was the announced storm!

Pieces of palm trees fly around and fill the pool! The new plants are ripped out of their pots, the rain strikes the newly-felled windows. The sunbeds and wooden garden chairs are flying around! The bins with plants on the wall are on the ground. The sky is dark gray and the wind is screeching around the house! The ferry makes a detour around Comino and the hydrofoil is taken out of service.

After three years we know that the winter period is always coming off with a violent storm. So next week we expect the sun again!

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