Happy cats!

These are happy cats, Tom & Ginger. They moved from Zebbug to Ghasri with us, alway a bit of a risky thing cause cats tend to lose their way after moving house. However, after two weeks of keeping them indoors, they were allowed to go out. We had expected them to stay around the house, exploring slowly slowly, but no, they ran outside, tails up and jumped over the walls into the beautiful green Ghasri Valley.

Question was: will they find their way back? Theory says cats never go further than 150 metres from the house. So we tried to call them back into the house, and yes, they appeared immediately, really happy to see us, and really happy with their opportunity to roam the neighbourhood. The most happy cats in the world, or so it seemed.

However, after a couple of weeks Ginger disappeared….no matter how we called, or how we searched the neighbourhood…..nothing. We didn’t sleep all night. But then in the early morning when we looked for him again, we heard a meowing sound in the distance. This turned out be somewhere behind a wall. A place where we couldn’t go. The good news: Ginger was alive. The bad news: no clue how to get to him, as he was locked inside a closed off patio, with no doors and windows. Frank reached to the neighbour, Frankie, who had a useful ladder. Frank went up the ladder, climbed over the wall, but Ginger hid somewhere inside the house. Whatever we did, Ginger didn’t show. Finally we put a shelf against the wall and we left the building, waiting for a miracle to happen……..After two hours we suddenly heard sound and saw a reddish tail coming over the wall. There he was, our adventurous hero! He was very very hungry as well, but after that, and two days of sleep everything went back to normal.

Bottom line: both cats are really happy with the move to Ghasri and the adventures they experience here. If you like cat stories, check our site, because another story is following soon.

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